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Premium Wolf Tone Eliminator

PAT. BE 10 19 457

The wolf note eliminator that

tunes the wolf without smothering

What is a wolf tone ?

The wolf is a sustaining sympathetic vibration overtone, and is produced when the original note matches the natural resonant frequency of the body of the musical instrument.


What are the current solutions ?

The conventional wolf tone eliminators, usually remedied this by the addition of weight on the string, which stifles it with muting effects that affect the sound quality.


Why the wolf-tuner is better than

the others wolf tone eliminators ?

The Theunis Wolf-Tuner is 3 times lighter than a conventional Wolf tone eliminator.

Its design and composition are based on its resonance

rather than its weight.

It avoids the muting effect while tuning the conflicting frequencies and enriching the timbre of the instrument.


How is the Theunis Wolf-Tuner made ?

Like a piece of jewelry, every single Wolf-Tuner is handcrafted.

The metal is rolled and hammered in order to harden it and thus develop its sound properties.

Patent : PAT. BE 10 19 457


By AdultCello

By Jonathan Humphries





The Story of an Invention

point G image Theut visage.jpg.gif

Since 50 years, André Theunis, is a Master-Luthier and an acoustic enthusiast.

Passionate by the improvement of the sound of his instruments, Andre devoted his entire career to find a non-invasive solution to the wolf.


After countless studies and tests, his research led Andre Theunis

to discover the exact proprieties of the Wolf-Tuner

that tunes the wolf rather than smother it.


In order to make his fellow Luthiers discover it,

he presented his invention at the Congress of the International Association of Violin and Bow Makers, in Prague in 2011.

After a demonstration, it is with a standing ovation

that the Wolf Tuner was welcomed.

To go deeper into the understanding of its effectiveness,

the Wolf-Tuner has been submitted to researchers at

the universities of Nice (France) and Potsdam (Germany).


They successfully confirmed its positive effect

on the conflicting frequencies compares to others

conventional wolf tone eliminators.

For a long time, the Wolf-Tuner was sold exclusively to the professional musicians who work with him.

Because his invention deserves to be widely known, the wolf tuner is now available to everyone through this website.

Scientific Studies


The mysterious effectiveness of the wolf tuner studied by science

Study of the university of Nice

Université de nice.png

Study of the university of Potsdam


Study of Aitchison Mnatzaganian


" I hate losing all that expensive quality but I just discovered the new ‘Wolf Tuner’ made by André Theunis and it works very well. "

Raphael Wallfisch
BBC Symphony
London Symphony & Philharmonic

" Those musically difficult areas which are often troubled, challenging between “E et F Sharp” finally find the response which brings with it a harmonious sound which is no longer closed, nasal or restrained. "

Claire Goldfarb


European Union Youth Orchestra

" The Wolf Tuner has an extraordinarily strong effect on the richness of the timbre. "

Potsdam University
A study by Gunnar Gidion
of the Physics Department

" I am literally thrilled by the sound resources that the wolf tuner brings. The output sound is very pure and neat which was not often obvious. "

Alain Denis
The Belgian National Orchestra

" I do not know any luthier that Stradivarius leaves indifferent, and no violinist who does not dream about it... The wolf tuner is the most obvious way to access to the same emotion. "

Marc De Vreese

" Miraculous…

your wolf tuner, tried only on the Charotte - Cello !!!!

It’s absolutely FABULOUS…!!!

I’m lost for words.  After barely 2 hours of experimenting, the instrument is totally transformed. “

Marie Sapey-Triomphe
Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra

" I do not know any luthier that Stradivarius leaves indifferent, and no violinist who does not dream about it... The wolf tuner is the most obvious way to access to the same emotion. "

Philippe Fromont

“ Thanks to the Wolf-tuner I feel my violin is producing much lighter, stronger sounds while maintaining its fullness. Like ripples, murmurs, an added dimension to the sounds already produced. “

Annie David

They talk about it !

Reach the sound quality of the most

fabulous instruments

The Wolf-Tuners